Reading Lists
Best Children's List of 2020

eBooks for ages 12 & under

Best Younger Children's Books 2020

Hardcopies for ages 8 & Under

Best Younger Children's List 2020

eBooks for Ages 8 & under

Award Winners

Award winning picture books

Children's Books About Racism

Books that explain racism to young children

Read-It Ralph Stories

Librarian Ralph's suggestions for Young Readers

Libros de imágenes

Libros populares en español

Children’s Books Featuring Latino Luminaries

Book recommendations featuring Latino leaders.

K-2 Social/Emotional Learning

YPS suggested reads that focus on social and emotional learning.

Grades 3-6 Emotional/Social Learning

Titles that address emotional and social learning for Grades 3-6

Grades 5- 8 Emotional/Social Learning

[No description provided]

Black Voices

Not just about racism.

Graphic Novel Suggestions

[No description provided]

Kindergarten Summer Reading List

Yonkers Public School Summer Reading List Kindergarten

Grade 1 Additional Reading Buddies Titles

Additional Reading Buddies Titles for Grade 1

Grade 2 Additional Reading Buddies Titles

Additional Hoopla Titles for Grade 2 Reading Buddies

Grade 4 Additional Reading Buddies Titles

Additional Titles on Hoopla for Grade 4 Reading Buddies


Popular YA LGBTQ Reads of 2020

Race Matters

Important reads about race relations in our country

Grade 5 Additional Reading Buddies Titles

Unlimited books available on Hoopla for Reading Buddies Grade 5

Books on Antiracism

[No description provided]

Black Voices


Outstanding Books for the College Bound

YALSA recommended eBooks

Grades 9-12 Lista de lectura de verano

Yonkers Public School: Lista de lectura de verano grados 9-12

The Classics

The books you should have read in high school but opted for the Spark Notes.


Keep it exciting with these adrenaline pumping reads!

Historical Fiction

Elyse brings us back in time with these captivating reads!


Books that spark the imagination.

Science Fiction List

Nina's List of summer reads that are out of this world.

Adult Nonfiction

Mary's popular picks for non-fiction.

Ol' Time Mysteries

Shana's List:Out of copyright Mystery Favorites

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